For Sale : Mercedes E250 CDI AMG S Auto

Eur 25 890.00
USD 35 514.40
Ru 1 136 460.91
Mercedes E250 CDI AMG S Auto

Vehicle Photo Gallery

Model 190
Vehicle type crossover
Year of issue 2011
Owner shikkis motors,
Listing type vehicle for sale
Normal price Eur 25 890.00
Price type negotiable


VID: 8
Title: Mercedes E250 CDI AMG S Auto


Year of issue: 2011
Listing type: vehicle for sale
Normal price: Eur 25 890.00
Price type: negotiable
Engine type: 2.1L
Transmission: automatic
Drive type: Fwd
Fuel type: diesel
Exterior colors: WHITE
Number of doors: 5
Interior colors: Black
Number of seats: 5
Safety options: 2 Years Warranty
On-board computer , Oven , Light sensor , Climate control , Leather interior , Cruise control , Luke , Multiwheel , Headlight washer , Parktronic , Heated mirrors , Heated seats , Rain sensor , Power steering ,
R-camera , Acoustics , Subwoofer , CD , DVD , MP3 , GPS ,
Service book , Tuning , Toning , Hitch ,
Castle at the checkpoint , Halogen headlights , EBD , ESP , ABS , ABD , Immobilizer , Xenon headlights , Airbag , Servotab , Signaling , Central locking ,
Exterior colors: WHITE
Number of doors: 5
Interior colors: Black
Number of seats: 5
Latitude: 34.76810977639516
Longitude: 32.43882877752185
Safety options: 2 Years Warranty

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